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AusGuideline : Design – Framework Approach

Australian Government

The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) is a long established activity design methodology.

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The LFA is an analytical, presentational and management tool which can help planners and managers • analyse the existing situation during activity preparation • establish a logical hierarchy of means by which objectives will be reached • identify the potential risks to achieving the objectives, and to sustainable outcomes • establish how outputs and outcomes might best be monitored and evaluated • if desired, present a summary of the activity in a standard format, and • monitor and review Activities during implementation.

LFA can be used throughout AusAID's management of aid activities in • identifying and assessing activity options • preparing the activity design in a systematic and logical way • appraising activity designs • implementing approved Activities, and • monitoring, reviewing and evaluating activity progress and performance.

LFA is best started early in activity design. (It is more difficult to use the LFA to review and/or restructure ongoing activities which were not designed using LFA principles and practices). As LFA is an ‘aid to thinking’, it has widespread and flexible application.