Creative Industry

Economy Outlook : International Trade Trends


This report presents the trends and highlights in international trade.

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The international trade of creative goods has seen sustained growth and expanded strongly in the last decade (see Chart 1). The total exports of creative goods rose in value terms by 47 per cent to $473,791 million in 2012. In terms of imports, the value expanded by 56 per cent for the same period.

The global market for traded creative goods and services totaled a record of $547,513 millions of dollars in 2012, as compared to $302,058 billion in 2003. It is important to note that several countries reported a decline between year 2011-2012 data. This is due to changes in methodologies related to the transition to the HS 2012 version in which many countries did not report data at the time (it was recently launched). This will be corrected with an update of the UNCTAD database.