Evaluation in Participatory Arts Programmes

Creative People and Places

Local evaluators also conduct local-level analysis and locally relevant research into
arts engagement and social and individual impact.

Not only are the outcomes of local evaluations demonstrating early impact,
generating new knowledge about audiences and informing CPP Places’ programming, they are being employed within an ethos of community participatory opportunities. As such many methods and approaches seek to understand and engage audiences in new ways. Many examples are experimental and creative, explore the nature of excellence and meet both the needs and vision of CPP Places.

Peterborough Presents is working with The Audience Agency and Culture Counts to carry out the evaluation of its programme. Peterborough Presents first used the Culture Counts metrics while it was in its development phase, prior to being awarded the CPP grant. Culture Counts asked many of the questions that Peterborough Presents wanted to explore, however, at time of writing this CPP Place was still in the early phases of embedding the metrics into their evaluation plan and understanding its value for evaluating quality in a range of community contexts.